Science Col-LAB-oration

In these 8- or 10-week classes, students put on their lab coats and safety goggles to conduct hands-on science experiments. Tapping into their curiosity to ask questions and their love of mixing, measuring, building, and creating, these young scientists will explore the wonders of how our world works. Based on the scientific theme for the class, students will work through the scientific method and/or engineering design process to study concepts in physics, engineering, chemistry, botany, or geology.

Class Descriptions

Physics: Team Tesla 
Force, Motion, Energy, Magnetism and More! 

Can you create a magnet? How does a battery work? Why does a switch turn on a light? Can the sun power a car? These are only a few of the questions we’ll explore during this class that uses Legos, SnapCircuits, K’Nex, and everyday materials.

Educational value: creative thinking, teamwork, problem solving, engineering, physics, and math.

Class make-up and size: Science Col-LAB-oration classes are designed for students in second through sixth grade. Class size is limited to 12 students.

Instructor: Lori Waters is a professionally certified teacher in multiple subject areas. She currently teaches at Foundation Academy. She formerly taught at Imagine South Lake, as a homeschool mom, and at the Orlando Science Center.

Location: New location coming soon!