Lego Engineers Astronaut Training

Are you ready to blast off to explore Mars?
What do you need to survive in this new world?

In this ten-week class, students will work through the engineering design process to build spacecraft destined for Mars. They will work collaboratively to build a Martian Lego® colony in which they will live, work, play, and survive in this new environment. In a final project, students create and produce stop-action animated movies about their adventures on the red planet.  Each class will combine Lego® play with hands-on science activities that teach students about rockets, spacecraft, the planets, the solar system, gravity, buildings, robots, survival skills, and more.

Educational value: creative thinking, teamwork, problem solving, engineering, physics, space science, and math.

Class make-up and size: The Lego Engineers Astronaut Training Class is designed for students in first through third grade. Class size is limited to 12 students.

Instructor: Lori Waters is a professionally certified teacher in multiple subject areas. She currently teaches at Foundation Academy. She formerly taught at Imagine South Lake, as a homeschool mom, and at the Orlando Science Center.

Location: New location coming soon!