Edison Robotics

In this unique STEM program, the students will learn how to program the Edison® robot and turn it into a driverless car, a signaling rescue bot, and more. Because Edison is compatible with Lego® bricks, students will be tasked to build out various design features for their robots as they complete challenges.

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Lego Engineers Astronaut Training

Challenging their imaginations and building skills, students will work through the engineering design process to build spacecraft destined for Mars. They will work collaboratively to build a Martian Lego® colony in which they will live, work, play, and survive in this new environment. In a final project, students create and produce stop-action animated movies about their adventures on the red planet.

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Science Col-LAB-oration

Working together as scientists, students will conduct hands-on science experiments to study concepts in physics, engineering, chemistry, botany, or geology. With their imaginations and love of mixing, measuring, building, and creating, they will explore the wonders of our scientific world. Get your lab coat and safety goggles ready!

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